Real Emergency Take-Overs

Yesterday we finished a user study on the CARISSMA Outdoor test-track. Participants were driving in a “real” automated vehicle with a secondary task, and had to respond to emergency take-over requests. Lots of fun and some crazy situations (especially when recording video footage) with my colleagues Katharina Frison, Philipp Wintersberger, Andreas Riener and Shadan Sadeghian! […]

3 Awards at Auto’UI18

Our team, the Human Computer Interaction Group lead by Prof. Dr. Andreas Riener, has received an outstanding number of three awards at 2018’s Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Vehicular Applications in Toronto, CA !

‘Steer-By-WiFi’ at AutoUI’18

At this year’s Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Vehicular Applications in Toronto, CA, I am presenting our Work-In-Progress on steering in Take-Over situations using nomadic devices. I will be available for discussions during the poster session, and during the presentation-madness, we will also show a video! The paper is available in the ACM DL: and […]

A shift back from WIMP to command-based UIs?

On Monday, 03.09.2018 we will discuss how a safe and productive smart UI for highly automated driving could look like. Maybe a step in interaction paradigm is needed and command-based UIs are better suitable? A position paper is available at the CEUR Workshop proceedings.  Looking forward to the discussion in the Workshop on Socio-Technical Aspects […]

‘Workaholistic’ @ MobileHCI’18

Our new research paper ‘Workaholistic’ considering ‘balancing typing- and handover-performance in automated driving’ is now listed in the ACM digital library (link)! For a private copy, contact me or visit ResearchGate. I will present it at MobileHCI’18 Barcelona on September 4th from 15:30 – 16:30 during paper session 4,  in room 30.S01 Auditorium .