HUDs or Voice for Reading? – AutomotiveUI’19 Talk

Text Comprehension Teaser showing the task with heads-up display and the take-over scenario.

As preprints are popping up everywhere and the official conference program is also already online, I can proudly announce that yet another paper on productivity in automated vehicles got accepted. This time at the venue we love the most: the Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, AutomotiveUI. Happening this year in Utrecht, […] featuring “Type-o-Steer”

I am proud to know that the big German IT-Magazine “” featured our work “Type-o-Steer” in a newsticker article on the Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2019 in Paris, where we presented it. Make sure to check the article by Hans-Arthur Marsiske: ! About two hundred comments (at this date) show that our discussion of how […]

Real Emergency Take-Overs

Yesterday we finished a user study on the CARISSMA Outdoor test-track. Participants were driving in a “real” automated vehicle with a secondary task, and had to respond to emergency take-over requests. Lots of fun and some crazy situations (especially when recording video footage) with my colleagues Katharina Frison, Philipp Wintersberger, Andreas Riener and Shadan Sadeghian! […]