New Job at Sendance

Tomorrow marks the first day of my new professional adventure at sendance — a spin-off from the LIT SoMaP Lab at Johannes Kepler University Linz. This group of innovative people strives to bring permeable and conformable electronics to professionals and users – for example, with “intelligent” orthosis. After having had the chance to get to know the team, I am super excited to be joining them as “Head of User Experience Development”. I will support in building the ecosystem around the sendance-grid, exploring new applications, and continuing to grow!

sendance-grid –

Seeing how technology from research transfers to the real world will be a valuable lesson for me, after many years of academic research. Still, as the cooperation with JKU’s SoMaP shows, I haven’t lost the connection to academia with recently finishing my PhD.

If you (from industry or academia) want to know more about sendance and what we do or have ideas for cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact me and to check out the webpage: